No more angry mum

Hi, I'm Carly. I used to be an overweight, unhappy, negative, stressed out, scream at the top of my lungs angry mum who couldn't wait to reach for the wine...or beer.. or gin when the day was done (or sometimes not even waiting that long!)

Desperate times
It got so bad I knew I had to change. It was impacting on every aspect of my life and hurting my family. 
I knew there was a slimmer, confident, more positive and fun me in there somewhere. I just needed the tools and support to find her. 
I stumbled across this 3 month online fitness programme and haven't felt healthier in body and mind. I've learnt that it's (more than) OK to focus on self care. It's a necessity. And when mum is happy, everyone is happy!

Could I stick at it?
I was dubious at first. I don't like to exercise and have never stuck at anything for very long. My husband (an avid gym-goer) didn't think I could do it and that it would be a waste of money. 
But I had to make it work (not only to prove him wrong but because I was desperate).

No excuses!
I stuck at it because I had the tools and support I needed. I couldn't use the excuses I'd used in the past. 
 - I can't fit it around my schedule

 - I have nobody to look after the kids
 - The weather is bad 
 - I have nobody to do it with
 - Nobody will notice if I don't do it

Every day that went by my confidence and pride in my own abilities and mental strength grew. I wasn't a quitter. I can do hard things. I can be comfortable in the discomfort. 

Believe and you are half way there!
The more you do it the more you believe you can do it. Bit by bit, day by day I ticked off the workouts. I told my accountability group I'd done them and posted my sweaty selfie as proof. The virtual high-fives and encouraging messages from my "team mates" made me feel good. Finishing each workout gave me a sense of accomplishment. As did proving my husband wrong!

Rome wasn't built in a day.

This weight and negative self-talk didn't manifest itself over night. I'm not where I want to be yet and still very much work in progress. I'm still on my journey and I still like to enjoy a drink and a takeaway. I'm never going to be a fitness freak. I'm a normal mum, trying to stay sane and happy!

If it feels like you have a mountain to climb to reach your goal. Break it down into smaller goals. If it feels that 3 months is a long time to follow a programme, remember that the time will pass anyway.


You choose your own life.

If you are stuck in a rut...if you are unhappy - you are choosing that. You can also choose to change. You just have to want it enough. If you want it enough you will make the decision and stick to it. 

Paying it forward

The programme helped me so much, I wanted to give back. I want to help other mums who felt like me feel better about themselves....which will filter down to making your kids feel better about themselves (and you if you aren't yelling at them all the time!). I am now a coach and I take ladies through their own health and fitness journeys, keeping them accountable and motivated. 

At what cost?
It's usually the first question!

How much would you pay to be the IDEAL YOU? To be healthier and be at lower risk of many diseases? Surely that's priceless?

We spend thousands on a week in the sun, or to upgrade our perfectly functional kitchens or cars, but so many of us won't spend on our own health. 
If you, like I was, are one of those people don't worry! It's not very expensive at all. A challenge pack will get you 12 months access to ALL of Beachbodys online fitness programmes! (you might have heard of Insanity, T25, P90X, PiYo??) You also get fitness equipment (loops and sliders) portion control containers and a meal plan, and 1 months supply of superfood dense daily nutrition plus the coaching and accountability for less than the cost of a pint of beer a week!!
I actually found I saved money!
I didn't need to go to exercise classes - £20 a month saved!
We stopped getting takeaways/convenience lunches - £80 a month saved!
We cut down on the amount of alcohol we bought - £100 a month saved!
I even found I was wasting less food because I was meal prepping properly and using everything I bought. 

No Risk!
I offer a no quibble 30 day money back guarantee. There's also the option of a 14 day free trial! So get up to 6 weeks free if you don't see amazing results within 44 days. 

Well Done to our winner Sam Brooks

Let me help you to feel better

There are lots of different fitness programmes to try and even a nutrition only programme where exercise is not necessary. I will help you find a programme that suits you, depending on your ability to self motivate, current fitness levels, likes and dislikes and goals. 


Eat yourself Slim

Learn how to eat more mindfully and combat cravings. Kick emotional eating to the curb. You get lifetime access to the programme so always have access to the tools and support group. The information is delivered in bitesize videos. 

Price from £99 without support

or £160 with lifetime support and 1 month nutritional superfood shake (worth £108!)


You can choose to do it alone using the online fitness platform and a free facebook group. There are over 50 different programs and each has a nutrition guide. 

£39 for 3 months

£59 for 6 months

£99 for 12 months


Join a Challenge Group

If you are like me, and need someone pushing you and cheering you on, join us (your new fit family) in a challenge group.

You will get :

- 12 months access to 50+ programmes (worth £99)

 - Fitness equipment and nutritional plans relevant to your program. 

 - 1 month of superfood nutrition to fuel and nourish your body and have you functioning at peak levels (worth £108!)

 - Coaching and accountability for the duration of the programme, usually 1-3 months. 

Prices from £160


Recommended Reading

It's important to work on your mindset. This helps with motivation, stamina and breaking old habits. These books will empower you to believe in yourself. 

Join my fb group

You chose who you are and how you live your life. Want to be the ideal you? Just decide. 

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